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Akuma Kira
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I am a game designer and artist. I really like making cute and scary things, some times at the same time.


School Sci-fi Character designs

entire school post copied below.

Selected Storyline: Alien/Sci-fi

The near future in a dystopian society with heavy class and job based discrimination due to waning resources. The sun has grown and dimmed, basking the earth in a harsh red glow reminding its’ population of the impending end. Most people have cybernetic enhancements and those too poor to afford them are treated as lesser. The government has begun to accept and draft “volunteers” to send off into deep space in search of a hospitable planet. If the implants they are injected with show that they live for an entire year then others will be sent and then eventually colonization will begin.


A drafted member, he is 20 and wants to escape back to earth so he can take care of his grandparents. He is more pessimistic and unsure of himself. He doesn’t care for the mission or himself but protects those around him. He worked on an assembly line along many robots to keep paying the nursing home bills. He doesn’t like hurting things and is often pulled into situations where people look to him as a leader but he’d rather be a follower.


A happy go lucky girl of 17 who willingly volunteered for the program in the hopes of finding a new home for her family. She tries to also see the good side of things and is very emotional. She is an android spy that displays such extreme emotions as a cover for her not knowing which emotions are always appropriate. She is actually sent to determine the harshness of the planet and then kill the other members before a year ends so the corporation that sent her can use the planet solely for themselves and control who gets in. Her weakness is that she doesn’t have much understanding to how much danger she is in and often gets in over her head.


A centuries old AI created by an astronaut that left Earth in order to make her own utopia. The astronaut didn’t like how people treated the Earth and animals so she and her AI made from her own psyche left the earth. After a few of her equipment breaks and things get dire, the astronaut has to resort to hunting the local animal and plant life to survive. The AI doesn’t agree with this and kills the astronaut. She is cold and calculating seeking to accomplish her goals while minimizing the resources she uses to do so. She only cares for the planet and wants to eliminate the human characters as soon as possible. She manifests herself as a hologram and doesn’t physically interact other than commanding her sidekick characters. Her weakness is that she often underestimates the humans, overestimates her sidekicks, and doesn’t accomplish her task.

Sidekick for the Villain

The inhabitants of the planet the other characters are sent to. Thought to be like animals only having basic intelligence. They are a goddess worshiping culture who only want to follow her orders. Although robotic they act more like small animals and are playful. Sort of like a hopeless drone working for a more serious villain. They don’t have specific ages but have visible rust and occasional grass growth on them indicating that they are at least made of old metal material. They have a general fear of the humans and are not extraordinarily strong.

The Planet

I like the cyberpunk apocalypse aesthetic and want to use it on the planet but in a more subdued, old abandoned temple sort of way. I mostly want to have huge angled structures the humans have to navigate.

So basically the show is about how you have to change in order to co-exist and survive. The heroine has to decide between her robotic and human elements and the AI is basically a snapshot of the mindset of the astronaut showing how destructive it is to stay exactly the same. There are no direct heroes and villains only characters with differing ideals.
Biting Pear Dreams of Birds.
He lays in a large grassy field, the warm wind sweeping across his round form. Tasty birds flock above him in the sky playfully squeaking and diving almost within reach. He extends his long fruit tongue to catch them but they are always just beyond his grasp.
My Instructor
This is basically what he writes about all my work, even stuff that follows realism and uses correct proportion that I then overlayed over my photo to make sure the eyes were correct, but nope. I guess they weren't after all.


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I always get a little error while starting the game. Can it be fixed?
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Oh wow, are you the actual Designer of the actual "Spooky's House of Jump Scares" (which I frankly, I admit, only know from Jordan Underneath's Review)? In which Case I truly express my utter Gratitude for the Fave! : )

P.S.: Have you also seen the Video?
StylishKira Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Yeah I love that review. I ending up changing Specimen 10 completely because of it also. Your welcome, I really liked that design. I liked how it was sort of like a crown and I think it would fit in the Silent Hill universe very well.
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Happy birthday! :D You the best!
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